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7 benefits of dry fruit for children.

When should children eat fruit? Mothers should feed their baby when they are 7 to 9 months old. Dried fruits are not only a great source of nutrition but also help change the taste of the day. 1. Prevent anemia Mums can add dried fruit to their diet to prevent anemia in their baby. Because […]

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Tea and dry fruits.

Hot teas are the perfect choice during cold weather. Different from the ancient tea, nowadays when the tea culture is welcomed by the young people; the dishes used to enjoy tea seem to be related to the modern personality and the introduction of youth. Fruit is a gift in every season and sold everywhere so […]

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Why is dried fruit chosen?

Dried fruit or dried fruit refers to the type of fruit that has drained its internal water through drying or drying techniques. Shrinkage is in the form of dry crispy, or candy but still rich in energy, nutrients. For example: bananas, jackfruit, potatoes, … are dried. Advantages of dried fruit is easy to maintain, convenient […]

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